Sun safety info for parents

Boots Soltan Sun Ready is designed to teach children simple ways to stay safe in the sun, and protect them from sunburn and the risks of melanoma.

Get the whole family outdoors and having fun, with our great activity ideas.

Soltan Sun Ready Challenge app

Ages: 5 - 7, 7 - 11 | The world around us, Outdoor learning

Download the free Sun Ready Challenge app! It's a fun and easy way for your family to learn about sun safety.

Free, fun ideas for families

Looking for ideas to get the whole family having fun outdoors? Read on for great activities that you can do for free.


Looking after YOUR skin

When you’re busy making sure your little ones are being sun safe, it’s easy to forget to look after your own skin.

Garden fun

Ages: 5 - 7, 11 - 14, 7 - 11 | The world around us, Outdoor learning

Being outdoors in the garden or nearby park as a family has so many benefits: fresh air, exercise, fun and learning about the world around us. 

Holiday checklist

Ages: 7 - 11, 11 - 14, 5 - 7 | Health and Wellbeing, The world around us, Outdoor learning

There are proven links between childhood sunburn and increased risk of melanoma – but our handy holiday checklist makes it easy to stay safe in the sun even when you're away from home.