Sun safety pupil campaign

Pupils develop their own campaign to spread sun safety messages throughout their school.

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  • > Good for ages: 7 - 11, 5 - 7
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Sun safety pupil campaign

This activity challenges pupils to develop their own campaign to spread sun safety education throughout their school. The campaign could be led by a group, a class or a whole year group.

A sun safety advertising campaign led by pupils can have multiple benefits. Pupils will not only have to absorb or research facts, but fully understand them to enable them to spread the word to their peers. This also allows for lots of creative thinking in order to give messages impact and communicate key facts effectively.

Introduction (for all ages)

For 5-7s

  • Pupils design simple sun safety posters to put up around the school using the Sun safety campaign pupil worksheet (5-7s).

For 7-11s

  • Download Sun Safety Pupil Campaign teacher notes and Sun safety campaign pupils worksheet (7-11s).

The Soltan Sun Ready Challenge app (for all ages)

The Sun Ready Challenge app involves groups of pupils searching the playground areas using tablets to find images that will trigger fun, on-screen tasks about sun safety. This could be incorporated into the campaign by older pupils guiding groups of younger children through the challenge. This would be an exciting way for pupils to help each other learn how to be sun safe.