Sun cream sensation

Get your pupils to design a brand new sun cream.

At a glance:

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  • > Good for ages: 11 - 14
  • > Supports: PSHE, English, Health and Wellbeing, Language and Literacy, Personal development and mutual understanding
  • > Time needed: 2 lessons


  • IT provision for PowerPoint
  • cameras
  • paper
  • art/design materials for drawings
  • models

a) Students are tasked to create a new sun cream brand to appeal to 11 to 14s, working in groups. The activity can be run as a competition with a prize.

b) Presentation could use PowerPoint, including a video element and photos of product mock-ups.

c) Students will need to learn about the different types of information on sun cream products:

  • SPF
  • Summary of UVB protection level (low, medium or high)
  • UVA star rating

Students can find out more about sun cream and how it works by watching the accompanying short film. The video features two teenagers finding out about the science of sun care to help them plan a camping trip.