Sun safe role play

Role play activity about health and sun safety.

At a glance:

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  • > Good for ages: 11 - 14
  • > Supports: PSHE, English, Language and Literacy, Personal development and mutual understanding
  • > Time needed: 1 lesson

a) Remind students of the reasons why health professionals advise young people to cover up to avoid sunburn and to use sun cream outside on hot days. Sunburn and overexposure to UV rays can lead to serious medical problems, such as skin cancer, in later life. Here is a brief summary of the difference between UVA and UVB:

UVA and UVB are invisible ultra violet rays from the sun which can damage our skin.

  • UVA are long wave rays and UVB short wave rays
  • UVA rays can pass through clouds and glass
  • UVA mostly causes skin aging, wrinkling and some burning
  • UVB causes red skin and sunburn
  • Both UVB and UVA  can lead to skin cancer

b) Put students in pairs and use role play to create a dialogue between a parent and child who are arguing about whether the child should cover up outside on the beach. This could be filmed on tablets or other devices.

c) This activity could also be extended to a written piece so that students write a short dialogue in the form of a script, which can then be performed in pairs.

d) As a further extension, students could write a dialogue between two teenagers who are outside on Sports Day in the blazing sun. One is wearing a hat and sun cream and trying to convince his/her friend to do the same. The friend objects on the grounds of fashion and the latest trends.