Soltan Sun Ready Challenge app

Ages 7 - 11, 4 - 7

Using the Soltan Sun Ready Challenge app

The Soltan Sun Ready Challenge app is free and easy to use. You can download the app from the App Store or Google Play, and get the printable images by clicking the Download this resource button above.

Your child should search your garden or other outdoor space for the ‘sun ready symbols’. When they find one, a 3D character appears to teach them how to stay safe in the sun and sets them a special challenge. They’ll need to think creatively to solve the puzzles, answer questions and create posters. They win a star for each challenge they complete - can they collect all five?


1. Preparation

Download the app onto a smart phone or tablet and print the five sun ready symbols using the Download this resource button below. The symbols are:

  • Sun cream
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Water bottle
  • Shade

Do not print on glossy paper. Place them in shady spots around your garden or another outdoor space where they'll be accessible to your child.

Children will be outside while using the app, so they should be sun ready: don’t forget hats, sun cream, shade, sunglasses and water!


2. How to complete the challenge

Your child should search for the sun ready symbols you have placed around the garden or another outdoor space.

When your child finds a symbol, they need to point the tablet camera at it and a 3D character will appear on the screen. The character will relay an important sun safety message connected with the symbol.

The user is then guided to a simple on-screen activity. The app includes two tasks which can then be saved on your device and shared with family members and friends: a sunglasses selfie and a sun safety poster.

Children earn on-screen stars when they successfully complete activities. The activities can be done in any order, but once they start one, they must complete it before they can move on to another.

When all five stars have been collected, they will see a final sun safety message and their challenge is complete. Make sure they tap 'save to device' to save their selfies and sun safety posters.

You will then return to the starting point and you’ll be able to see the selfies and posters.


3. Follow up

Discuss what your child learned and which activity was their favourite. Find out if they understand why sun safety is important.

The app can act as an excellent springboard to many of the other Sun Ready Challenge activities on the Soltan Sun Ready website.

Ensure you close the app completely before beginning a new session.