Story: Fun in the Sun

Ages 4 - 7


a. Read the downloadable 'Fun in the Sun' story about Kelly and Jo's day in the park. Once you have read the story, ask your pupils the discussion questions to help them understand the importance of sun safety. 


b. Discussion questions:

  • Where did Kelly and Jo go on the first day of the weekend?
    To the park
  • What was the weather like at the park?
    Hot and sunny
  • What were the girls wearing?
    Kelly wore jeans and a hat, Jo wore shorts and T-shirt
  • What happened to Jo at the park?
    She got sunburnt
  • Why did Jo get sunburnt and not Kelly?
    Because Kelly put on sun cream and was wearing a hat and long trousers
  • What happened when it was time to go to Vijay’s party?
    Jo couldn’t go
  • Why didn’t Jo go to the party?
    Because the sunburn made her feel unwell
  • What can we learn from this story?
    We should cover up when it’s hot, stay out of the sun and use sun cream
  • What else could the girls have worn, to help protect their eyes from the sun?