The science behind sun care

Ages 7 - 11

Using the downloadable worksheet 'The science behind sun care':


a) Explain that pupils will be asked to communicate key sun care messages through a poster. The messages are:

  • Use sun cream when outside in the sun
  • Wear long clothing and a hat on sunny days to cover the skin
  • Wear sunglasses on sunny days
  • Keep in the shade during the hottest part of the day (11am-3pm)
  • Never look directly at the sun


b) Divide the messages up so that different pupils are working on different messages. Each poster should only try to communicate one message, and this should be in the pupil’s own words.


c) The poster should reflect the science behind the message: why do we need sun care?


d) Where possible, allow children to use computers to make and print their posters so that they are graphically effective. The posters can then be displayed around school.