Action poem: Big Blob

Ages 4 - 7

a) Bring in a bottle of sun cream and ask pupils what it is for. Explain that it can stop us from being hurt by the sun: sun cream helps to keep us sun safe!

b) Explain to pupils that they are going to read an action poem that will show them how to put on sun cream. If you prefer, you can hand out the downloadable 'Action poem: Big Blob' sheet for pupils to read.

c) Focus on how important it is not to miss any places that might get sunburnt.

d) Take your pupils through the rhyme, acting out applying the sun cream as you read each line.


Big Blob


Big blob,

That’s the job. 

Cream in the palm,

Do your arms.

Hands and nose,

Legs, feet and toes.

Always check,

Your ears and neck.

Legs and knees,

Give the tube one more squeeze.

Last place,

Shoulders and face.

Now we’re done

Don’t look at the sun.

Wear a hat,

And that’s that!


e) Ensure that your pupils understood each part of the rhyme and then perform it again.