Den fun

Ages 4 - 7


a) Gather together sheets and blankets that can be used to make dens outside. Chairs, canes and clothes pegs are also needed. You might also want to collect mats to sit on if the ground is not dry or comfortable.


b) Make dens outside for groups to sit in. Make sure to leave plenty of ventilation! A simple way to make a den is to place canes (or any long sticks) across two lines of chairs and then drape sheets over the top. Hold the sheets in place with clothes pegs.


c) You could also create a giant den on grass to tell stories and do activities inside of with the whole class. One way to do this is to use twenty 8-foot garden canes, some strong rubber bands, clothes pegs and 6 to 10 large sheets (of light fabric).


See the downloadable activity sheet ‘Den Fun’ for instructions and diagrams that explain how to make a giant den for your whole class!