Summer celebration ideas

Ages 4 - 7, 7 - 11


Here are some fun ideas for summer events and activities that also promote sun safety. 


It is strongly recommended that all pupils are shown the Sun Ready Challenge assembly presentation before doing these activities so that they understand the basics of sun safety.


  1. Use the Sun Ready Challenge app: The new Sun Ready Challenge app is a fun and active way for pupils to learn about sun safety. Free to download and easy to use, the app features augmented reality characters, educational videos and interactive challenges to bring the learning to life.
  2. Hold a party: Outfits must include hats and sunglasses. Party food should be sun-themed and children can have fun planning and making the food, if time and facilities are available.
  3. Build a giant, shady den out on the school field. Use it to host a party or other fun event. One way to make this is by constructing a simple framework of long canes. By pushing canes into the ground and joining them with twists of soft garden wire (plastic covered), you can make a frame over which blankets or sheets can be draped. Remember to leave plenty of ventilation. This will make a giant den that can hold a whole class! Display your sun safety work in the den and invite parents and other pupils to view it.
  4. Hold a massive picnic for the whole school. Use the school field or, if the weather isn’t so good, the school hall.  The picnic can be combined with other ideas, such as a prize for the best hat, sun-themed food, dressing up, or anything else you can think of!
  5. Hold a competition. Ask children to design a cool school summer hat, which can then be made by a company and sold to parents for pupils to wear. Or check out the Soltan Sun Ready website for updates about nation-wide competition.
  6. Have a costume party centred around sun safety. Prizes for best costumes can be awarded for each age group taking part.
  7. Dioramas. Using a small box as a base, children create scenes or models which tell a story (without words) about sun safety. The dioramas are made at home and brought in to display at the summer fair or another summer celebration.
  8. Introduce sun safety cadets who help children to stay safe in the sun during playtimes.