Survival Kit Challenge

Ages 7 - 11


Using the worksheet 'Survival Kit Challenge':


a) Ask the class what the things are that every person needs to stay alive (air, food, water and warmth are the basic elements).


b) Discuss how adventurers exploring new places need to make sure that these things are available. Lifeboats include survival kits in case people need to survive in them for a long time, and military aircrafts include survival kits in case pilots have to eject in isolated places.


c) The worksheet challenges pupils to design a survival kit containing eight items, including something for sun safety. The items need to fit into a pack no larger than a thick paperback novel (have one to hand for the children to refer to).


d) Before starting, pupils can imagine what sort of wild places they might find themselves in when exploring. What might they see, smell and hear in these places? What are the dangers they might encounter? (For example, what might they come across in the jungle, desert or mountains?) What item in a survival kit might help them in each of these cases?


e) Groups can share their ideas, explaining their choices.