Gimme shelter

Build an outdoor shelter to protect your pupils from the sun’s UV rays.

At a glance:

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  • > Good for ages: 11 - 14
  • > Supports: PSHE, Personal development and mutual understanding
  • > Time needed: 1 lesson


  • 2m garden canes (each group needs 5-8)
  • rubber bands
  • string
  • opaque polythene sheet or fabric sheets
  • clothes pegs

a) Students are put in teams and challenged to build an outdoor shelter using the given set of materials. This is best done on grass so that the canes can be pushed into the ground.

b) The shelter should be able to shade four people from the sun. A small prize could be presented for the best design as an additional incentive.

c) Talk about how shade is an important factor in protecting us from the sun’s UV radiation. Sun cream should be used where shade is limited as well as covering up, especially for those who have fair skin types.