Soltan Sun Ready has educated over half a million young people about sun safety!

The Boots Soltan Sun Ready programme aims to educate young people about how to stay safe in the sun. We know it’s important for kids to spend quality time outside and Soltan Sun Ready is committed to inspiring young people to explore the great outdoors while remaining sun safe.

Developed in cooperation with teachers, families and Boots suncare experts, Soltan Sun Ready provides fun and engaging lessons and at-home activities that encourage children to develop sun care habits that will last a lifetime. A behavioural study showed that the programme is having a significant impact on children’s knowledge of sun safety issues and that they were more likely to take action to stay sun safe because of it.  Another survey showed that 94% of pupils felt they had learned something about sun safety and 95% of teachers thought that Sun Ready had a considerable impact on pupils’ understanding of sun safety.

As the weather gets warmer, why not take part in the Sun Ready programme and begin using some of our online resources? There are lots of newly-added activities, projects and learning opportunities on our Families page for you to take advantage of, all of which are free to download and use.


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