How to apply sun cream on children – from Soltan and Macmillan


Soltan and Macmillan Cancer Support are working together to help you and your family stay safe in the summer sun.


Getting your kids to stay still for long enough to apply sun cream can be challenging! Here are a few tips on how you can ensure the sun cream is applied effectively and that you’re providing the best protection for your children:

  • Apply indoors, before going out in the sunshine; this will make sure the sun cream has sunk in and is ready to work before your child goes into the sun.
  • Use sun cream with a high SPF (30 or above) and a 5-star UVA rating to ensure your kids have high protection against the sun’s damaging UV rays.
  • Use plenty; most people do not apply enough, make sure you follow the instructions on the bottle to ensure you’ve got the protection that you need.
  • Remember those delicate areas. Make sure to cover all exposed skin evenly, including the face, neck and arms and encourage your kids to cover up their skin by wearing a hat and long sleeves. Reapply every two hours so that the protection doesn’t wear off. Even water-resistant sun cream can rub off so put more on after swimming and towel drying.
  • Have fun when applying; make the process fun for your children and get them to take part. Why not recite a poem while you do it – rub in the cream to the beat!


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