Help, my kids won’t put on sun cream


Help them understand why

Often, the best way to get kids to care about something is to help them understand why it’s important. Putting on sun protection can seem boring, but after kids learn a bit about how it protects them from the sun’s rays, they’ll be more likely to regularly reapply.

Ask your child’s school to look at the Soltan Sun Ready site, where there are free resources to help teachers explain the importance of sun safety to primary school children.


Give them maximum protection

By using sun protection with a high SPF (above 30) and a 5-star UVA rating, your kids will have high protection against the sun’s rays. If they’re going to be outside enjoying the sun for a long time, consider using Soltan Once to reduce how often they need to reapply.

Applying sun protection correctly is very important too - make sure to cover all exposed skin with a good amount of product, including the face, neck and arms. Reapply every two hours so that the protection doesn’t wear off. For extra protection, encourage your kids to cover up their skin by wearing a hat and long sleeves.


Make it fun

Try using this sun safety poem to educate your kids about how to apply sun cream in a fun, interactive way. Get some sun protection out and read the poem aloud, following along with the actions as you go.

Big blob, that’s the job.

Cream in the palm, do your arms.

Hands and nose, legs and toes.

Always check, your ears and neck.

Legs and knees, give the tube one more squeeze.

Last place, shoulders and face.

Now we’re done, don’t look at the sun.

Wear a hat, and that’s that!