Which sun cream is right for your family?


Which sun care product to wear depends on what you and your family are doing and how long you need protection for. However you’re enjoying the summer, we’ve got the right product to keep your family protected. 

Remember, no matter who you are or what you’re doing, you should be using sun protection with a 5-star UVA rating and a high SPF (we recommend SPF 30 or higher for children).*


Once Advanced 8-Hour Protect

Soltan’s Once sun protection helps to take away much of the stress of sun safety. Just one application of this sun product will give you protection from the sun for up to 8 hours, making it perfect for kids who love to get out and about during the summer. It’s also ideal to apply before school so you know they’ll be protected.


3hr Protect and Swim

Everyone loves going for a swim in hot weather, but a day at the beach can be ruined by sunburn. Using Soltan’s 3hr Protect and Swim can help. This sun protection continues to give protection for up to 3 hours of swimming.


Protect and Repel

Applying both sun protection and insect repellent can be a boring task, but with Soltan’s Protect and Repel, everything you need to stay protected from bug bites and the sun’s rays is in one easy-to-use bottle.


Download and print the Soltan Sun Ready Voucher and get 200 advantage card points when you buy any two Soltan products.



*The star rating is a measure of the absorbance of UVA relative to UVB. Other brands not displaying a star rating symbol may still offer high levels of UVA protection.