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The free curriculum-linked teaching resources found here will educate your pupils and get your school ready for a summer of sun-safe fun!


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Case Study - Chaddlewood School

Hear Adam Jenson, a primary school teacher in Plymouth, talk about the importance of teaching health and well-being behaviours at a young age.

Competition Gallery

Click here to see some of our favourite entries in the Soltan Sun Ready campaign competition!

Sun Ready Challenge app

4-11 | Class activity, Whole-school idea | Lesson

The brand-new Soltan Sun Ready Challenge app is free to download and makes learning about sun safety fun and memorable for your pupils. Pupils complete a series of five challenges, all while learning how to stay safe in the sun.

Soltan Sun Ready: Aaron’s story

7-11 | Film | Quick activity

Watch Aaron's story about his Grandad. 

This film contains a story line that some pupils may be sensitive to.

Soltan Sun Ready: The science of sun care

7-11 | Film | Quick activity

To help students understand the health issues behind sun protection.

Soltan Sun Ready: Ciara’s story

7-11 | Film | Quick activity

Watch Ciara's story about her trip to a music festival.

The Sun Ready Show

4-11 | Class activity, Whole-school idea | Quick activity

Download this ready-to-use assembly resource and introduce your pupils to the science behind sun safety.

Sun Ready Campaign Challenge

4-11 | Class activity, Whole-school idea | Lesson activity

Download this ready-to-use lesson and inspire your pupils to create a sun ready poster.

Action poem: Big Blob

4-7 | Class activity | Quick activity

Use our action poem to help your class remember how to apply their sun cream.